Industrial Interior Design: Characteristics and 10+ Best Tips

It's a common misconception that modern architecture and design entail sterile, featureless spaces. But, in reality, many contemporary style home interiors still feature warm, inviting designs that are far from stark. Contemporary home interior designs are well suited for any building type, whether a top front or office, a loft, or a typical house. Let’s find out what makes this design style distinctive and how you might use it in your home.

What exactly is contemporary style home interior design?

Contemporary style is sometimes misunderstood as "modern design.” Contemporary refers to what happens when people try new ideas and change the rules.
Simply put, contemporary home interiors are known for their simplicity, understated elegance, purposeful use of fabric, and clean, straight lines. This style is easy to spot because it has smooth curves, uses natural materials, has a lot of contrast, uses neutral colors, and puts a lot of emphasis on craftsmanship.

This aesthetic approach prioritizes an ethos of deliberate action. This interior design trend that constantly changes is made up of different movements that started in the second half of the 20th century. It's a showcase for cutting-edge, modern interior design.

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The characteristics of contemporary style

To create a dynamic and versatile look, contemporary design often features different types of materials from then and now. Modern interior design is about making the most of the space in the building. There is no need to go through with an unnecessary home makeover since this design style may be molded to fit any existing structure. Simplicity is better than elaborate embellishments. Let's go over the three characteristics of contemporary style home interiors so you can replicate your home's look.
Minimalists look

Minimalism in design is a critical component of the contemporary style. Functionality may be an excellent way to get the final look for the house, but it should be understood as keeping every detail or adding more and more materials. Trims, frills, and furniture will go well with other house parts if they are simple.
Strong visible lines and space

The line is the most evident and defining feature of a contemporary style home interior. Whether straight, angled, or curved, contemporary styles have solid and precise lines that define space and create a shape for the structure. Lines can be used to build things, while geometric shapes can add a touch of style. Another way to get this look is to color-block a section of a wall or a few pieces of furniture.
Bare and smooth floor

The floors of a house decorated in a contemporary design should be sleek and bare and made of materials like wood, tile, or vinyl. Flooring in a modern design often has neutral tones, such as black and white, but sometimes includes other colors that fit well with walls.
If you need carpet for insulation or soundproofing, look for commercial-grade options. Plain or geometrically patterned area rugs are a great way to inject color and texture into a space.
How to decorate in contemporary style home interior
Contemporary style colors

Contemporary style home interiors don’t have a chaotic appearance with a mishmash of color schemes. Like neutral home decor, neutral colors, such as gray, black, and white, are perfect choices to make a difference.
Choosing the right neutrals for a modern living room will allow the owners to be flexible and add little flashes of riotous color in other details. Thus, it is easy to flip around depending on their moods, such as wall pictures, rugs, or pillows.

Contemporary style furniture

A hallmark of modern furniture is its emphasis on a simple, uncluttered, geometric form. Instead of going for overstuffed or flimsy furniture, look for pieces with strong, clear lines.

Adria Workshop Bradding 66" Rect Dining Table.

Due to its natural beauty and simple style, the Bradding dining tableis an excellent example of how to make a warm and cozy contemporary-style home. The natural and walnut-colored finishes on the ash wood table top make the beautiful wood grain stand out. TheBradding 66" Rect Dining Tableis a suitable choice if you need a place to eat with four people or a place to work with other people. Adria Workshop also provides other furniture with metropolitan style interior designand mid century modern style.

Contemporary style accessories

While furnishings should be kept to a minimum, decorative accessories are where you can get creative for a contemporary style home refresh.
When it comes to modern interior design, sometimes the best ideas come from the things you add to a room after you've found the furniture you want. This includes lamps, decorative items, and artwork.
For contemporary living room ideas, go for small elements that’ll double as unique conversation starters while adding depth and personality to an otherwise minimal room.

Contemporary style window treatments

Contemporary style often evokes a timeless vibe with muted tones and uncluttered forms. Modern metal blinds, like aluminum ones, give any area a clean, sophisticated look. You can make each window in your modern home stand out with various treatments, such as mattes, metallics, and soft, iridescent tones.
Contemporary elements

If you want your home to have that clean, modern look essential to contemporary style, you should avoid colorful, busy prints. It's practical to use two-tone printing. Metal, stone, and opaque or transparent glass can also be used liberally in the space. Use window coverings, pillows, and rugs made from thickly textured textiles in solid colors to warm up a space.​​

Lastly, be sure you use up-to-date flatware and plates. There is a wide variety of geometric forms, vivid hues, and eye-catching designs. Adding some texture with cutlery, placemats, table runners, and flower arrangements shall make a big impression on your guests. Here are some tips you could consider: Instead of a few little flowers, try a few large ones with intriguing foliage.
A large plant on the floor and illuminated above is a great way to use vertical space.
Use rocks or bark pieces to cover the dirt in the pots and keep the arrangements looking nice.

Contemporary style home interior ideas

There are some interior design ideas to help you build a kitchen, dining room, or other living areas in a contemporary style.
Contemporary style kitchen

Contemporary cooking areas are characterized by their streamlined appearance, basic design, and cutting-edge features. Most importantly, they look like they have many different materials, patterns, and textures. Sometimes contemporary style kitchens also have characteristics of industrial interior design, such as exposed wires, water pipes, etc.

As a starting point, imagine sleek, high-functioning electronics housed in minimalistic, attractive cabinets. Then, it's essential to look for built-in custom cabinetry and appliances that match the style of the rest of your kitchen. Lastly, when planning the look of the inside of a modern home, make sure the transitions between surfaces are natural and smooth. Using a color scheme predominated by cool grays, neutrals, and white is a tried-and-true strategy that will never go out of style and will always seem fresh.
Contemporary style dining room

When you want a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing dining room, nothing beats a contemporary style home interior. An open floor plan is a hallmark of today's most popular dining room designs. This avoids excessive decoration, resulting in a spacious and relaxing living area. The earthy tones and hints of rust, turquoise, brown, and olive green are often combined with the contemporary aesthetic's black, white, and gray signatures.

Contemporary style living room

Contemporary living room with inset niche walls and a stunning tray ceiling lined with dark wood beams. Ambient lighting creates a cozy ambiance in the room.

Contemporary living room with a sleek fireplace and a gray sofa supported by glass legs.
Contemporary style bedroom

The room's high ceilings and skylights let in plenty of natural light, lending it an air of sophistication and simplicity characteristic of contemporary home design.

Contemporary style bathroom

High ceilings and a skylight bathe the modern bathroom suite in beautiful, natural light. This image shows a bathroom with a fantastic sense of harmony and architectural elegance. It was clever to surround the space with white KitKat tiles. Half-height ledges, like the one installed next to the trendy new bathtub, are fashionable and practical.

Last word

The contemporary style home interior includes minimalism, understated refinement, intentional use of fabric, and straight, uncluttered lines. And to decorate your house in a contemporary style, follow our ideas:Contemporary style's color: Gray, black, white.
Furniture of contemporary: Focus on furniture with solid and well-defined lines.
Add some modern metal blinds to your window.
Window coverings, pillows, and rugs are made from thickly textured textiles in solid colors.
Use two-tone printing.

The article has shown everything about contemporary style home interiors. We hope you found this blog informative. You can now design your beautiful contemporary home. Just make sure that you follow our guide and tips above!

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All are for the most beautiful home decor! Many thanks for reading!


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